Human capital economy and management succession in Lithuania is characterized by increasing dynamics with accelerating speed. Companies in Lithuania are confronted with difficulties related to a worldwide trend of high management turnover. There is a realistic threat that most experienced and qualified talents will be gradually “exported” from the country.

Considering the local market situation, Amrop suggests to change the classical attitude towards management succession and executive search. Management succession is the process characterized by a lack of planning and a failure to develop leaders from within organization that necessitates the use of executive search services. Executive search only becomes efficient in combination of local market understanding, local talent pool and global reach, enabling to bring Lithuanian leaders to any local organization likewise to bring executives from around the world to Lithuania. A new understanding of executive search process and a new realization of executive search consulting are developing in these latter years in the country. Executive search consulting turns to be one of the most important forms of outside advising, that companies can engage. Executive search consulting is becoming indeed the highest form of management consulting because the right strategy means little without the right people to implement it.

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